Commercial Roll Ups

Commercial Roll Ups

If you made it to this webpage, it’s likely that you’re looking for a commercial roll up inflatable boat for sale. If that’s the case, it’s also likely that you’re a first responder or in the military. In either case, we thank you for your service.

One way we demonstrate our gratitude to first responders and military personnel worldwide is by offering a full lineup of commercial roll up RIB boats. Our commercial roll ups are sold in more than 40 countries across the globe, and they’re widely recognized as the best of their kind.

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About Our Commercial Roll Up Inflatable Boats

Like our other RIBs, our commercial roll ups are designed by a highly skilled team of engineers and designers, which includes former military aeronautical engineers. Our team specializes in creating and applying new aeronautical and hydrodynamic theories so that our innovative designs aren’t constrained by the boundaries of traditional boat design.

Whether you’re interested in a commercial roll up dinghy or a larger roll up RIB, you can rest assured that your boat was designed to be highly versatile and easy to transport. Given the design of our commercial roll ups, these RIBs are also easy to store and maintain.

Our commercial roll up inflatable boats are made to handle high load capacities, which makes them ideal for rescue operations in which multiple people must be saved by a crew. Our commercial roll up RIBs are also exceptionally lightweight, which makes them quite fast. Speed is an important feature for missions where a rescue team needs to be in and out of a risky situation as quickly as possible to keep everyone alive and safe.

Because our commercial roll up RIB boats are so versatile, they’re often used in military tactical operations. In fact, some of our roll up RIB models have been used in actual military conflicts. No matter what the military mission might be, our heavy-duty roll up RIBs are ready to transport troops and equipment alike.

Our commercial roll ups are also fuel-efficient, which makes them a great pick if you must travel long distances. They’re shock-absorbent as well, which will help to minimize crew fatigue. The roll up RIBs we sell are unsinkable and untippable. It doesn’t matter how rough the water is or how hard the wind is blowing — a Fluid Watercraft roll up RIB will remain upright and afloat in even the most challenging of circumstances.

You deserve the best just like your team does.

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If you want a durable, versatile rigid inflatable boat, one of our commercial roll up dinghies or boats is for you. Just like you give it your all every day, our roll up RIBs will serve you and your crew well whenever you’re on duty. When you’re going on a mission, you’re going to bring your best performers with you. You deserve the best just like your team does. And that’s what you’ll get from Fluid Watercraft — the best commercial RIB boats on the market.

To learn more about our commercial roll ups and their performance capabilities, contact Fluid Watercraft today.

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